Sr1 zip gun

The Zip gun is a weapon in Space Rangers.

Tier Damage Range Weight Cost
Cyan (1) 15-25 216 25
Blue (2) 16-28 228 48 870 (Terran)
Red (4) 18-30 240 32-44 1330 (Terran)

Available at the beginning of your adventure along with the industrial laser and the photon gun the zip gun trades range for pure damage. Being lighter than other weapons gives you the option of loading several of these for a sudden attack with high damage potential.

If your ship is fast or your target is slow then the zip gun will prove a very effective standard armament. At least, until the long range graviton beamer becomes available.

Arcade Mode Effect in Space Rangers 1: The zip gun will fire a large green sphere that will travel in a straight line. The projectile will continue to loop around the hyperspace arena until it makes contact with a ship or arena obstacle. Be careful as filling the area with these can be just as dangerous to your ship as to an enemy.

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