Sr1 x defibrillator

X-defibrillator is a weapon in Space Rangers that damages internal equipment instead of the hull of a ship.

Tier Damage Range Weight Cost
Purple (3) 6-17% 285 35 3200

The second weapon that has a more strategic use than the more common direct damage weapons. With an x-defibrillator, you can damage a target's internal equipment until it ceases to function. Weapons could be rendered nonfunctional so your ship would take less damage. Engines could be shut down to keep a pesky pirate from running away. That Klissan's shields causing trouble? Try an X-defibrillator and maybe the shield generator will go down!

Using this might help drain cash reserves during a "Kill *pilot*" missions. Assuming that the target ship repairs equipment as well as hull damage when landing at a friendly hangar. *This would be something to check --Ellwoodblues

TODO: Arcade Mode Effects in Space Rangers 1:

TODO: Check if this weapon does hull damage or not. The SR1 game manual says it does. If so doing 6 - 17 percent of hull strength to a hull seems pretty powerful.

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