Sr1 vortex projector

Vortex projector is a weapon in Space Rangers that primarily damages the hull of another ship.

Teir Damage Range Weight Cost Race
xx xx xx xx xx xx
xx xx xx xx xx xx
xx xx xx xx xx xx

While the tachyeon cleaver has the range the vortex projector brings the highest damage ranges of any weapon found on a habitable planet. If your ship has a full selection of higher end support equipment then vortex projectors can be a preferable option to the tachyeon cleaver as high level repair droids, high shield, hull armor and hull points can mean your ship can handle the punishment of needing to get close before firing. These weapons tend to be heavy and only appear after all of the other weapons have been created by the scientists of the Commonwealth.

Arcade Mode Effect: Very high damage but a difficult weapon to use in a hyperspace battle. Two small spheres spiral around and away from your ship several times. They start from the right and left side of a ship and move in a clockwise rotation. A vortex projector only has a few shots before it needs to recharge. Easier to use when next to an enemy ship or in a crowd of ships. The firing pattern can make it difficult to hit targets at a distance or that are fast. Pairing this weapon with a retractor might help.

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