I came across an installation disk for Space Rangers 1 in a pile of software that had been left to me when my step father passed away. 

It had been sitting in a CD case untouched for about a year before a feeling of froggy boredom hit me and I started trying to install the games that were slowly gathering dust.  The first few games that I had tried were old enough that the digital rights management software built into the them was old and broken rendering those games a mystery. 

Turning the pages in the CD cases looking for some name or interesting picture on the disk or anything else that might spartk my interest, the single installation disk for Space Rangers 1 caught my eye.

A bit of googling to see if there were any horribly negative reviews revealed to me that the game seemed to have been generally well received.  Screen shots of top down 2D game play with space ships flying around planets, stations, and asteriods jumped right out at me.  A few screenies of aliens next to the big blue square of text knocked loose memories of Master of Orion 2.  Chuckling to myself, as the game was installing, thoughts of playing a game that would have my role not as an emperorer but as a citizen in a multi-race galactic civilization popped into my head.

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