• Ellwoodblues

    Starting Out

    November 28, 2015 by Ellwoodblues

    Well, the installation was successful. 

    Unfortunately the game was looking like it was zoomed into the upper left quadrant.  I cannot see the starting menu options. 

    Randomly hitting enter can bring me to the "pick your class/race" screen.  I can see enough to move to the galaxy generation screen.

    The lower portion of the game screen is outside of my monitor.  From what I can see of the game, it looks interesting.  I'm on a planet being given instructions by somebody.  It is difficult to figure out what to do when all of the buttons seem to be outside of my monitors field of view.

    Tinkering with the game options' screen resolution doesn't seem to change anything.  Tinkering with the screen resolution in Windows 10 doesn't seem to do anything. …

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  • Ellwoodblues

    Into the Black

    November 22, 2015 by Ellwoodblues

    I came across an installation disk for Space Rangers 1 in a pile of software that had been left to me when my step father passed away. 

    It had been sitting in a CD case untouched for about a year before a feeling of froggy boredom hit me and I started trying to install the games that were slowly gathering dust.  The first few games that I had tried were old enough that the digital rights management software built into the them was old and broken rendering those games a mystery. 

    Turning the pages in the CD cases looking for some name or interesting picture on the disk or anything else that might spartk my interest, the single installation disk for Space Rangers 1 caught my eye.

    A bit of googling to see if there were any horribly negative revi…

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