Serving as the starting point for the Humans, the Sun is obviously a very familiar star system.

Inhabited PlanetsEdit

Earth- Even thousands of years into the future, the Earth is still going strong. The population of Earth is 1,091,000,000, which makes it the most poulous planet in the Sun system. The economic system is Industrial, which makes them buy and sell things like Minerals and Equipment for higher prices. The government system is Democracy. Drugs and Weapons can not be freely bought and sold on this planet.

Mars- Mars is a planet that is shrouded in enigma today, but thousands of years into the future, people have successfully settled down there. the population of Mars is 401,000,000, which makes it the least populous inhabited planet in the Sun system. The way it is ruled is similar to Earth. The government style is a dictatorship. Only drugs are illegal on this planet.

Venus- Venus is a planet shrouded with... Well, clouds. But in the future, it was able to be settled. It shares a Democracy with Earth, and the economy style is Agriculture, making them value things like food. The population of Venus is 423,000,000 at the beginning of the game. Like Earth, drugs and weapons are forbidden on Venus.

Uninhabited PlanetsEdit

Saturn- Being a gas giant, it is uninhabitable. It takes a while to fully research it, but not too long. It's territories are Water: 980 Plains: - Mountains: -

Jupiter- The biggest planet in the Sun system, it takes a pretty long while to research, as the planet is gargantuan. The territories are: Water:1600/1800 Plains: - Mountains: -

Neptune: Neptune may be inhabitable, as it has some land, but the water levels outnumber it. Water: 390 Plains: 180 Mountains: -

Mercury- Mercury is likely too close to the Sun to settle, and it has no water. Water: - Plains: 180 Mountains: 30


  • Uranus and Pluto are missing from the system, Pluto may be purposely left out as it may have been to small for an aircraft to land on, or it may be because it was no longer a planet in some versions of the game. It is unkown why Uranus is left out.
  • Venus is previously too hot and dangerous to settle, thanks to greenhouse gases and distance from the Sun. It is not known how they could have inhabited it.

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