Subbmodem is a special item in Space Rangers 2.  It may be obtained from a pirate base if you have at least 100,000 cr.

It appears to be software designed for Terrons to upload their brains.


It was created by a Maloq professor called Sab, working in the Terroid department on a reseach station. He attempted to replicate the Terronoid behavior model, and succeeded.   Not only did he build a Terronoid of his own, but connected to it.  He staged his own experiments, writing obtained data onto his drive. After isolating himself form his colleagues, and stopped eating and sleeping, he took off from the research center and took to hyperspace.

Chesha Pazkhald intercepted the scientist, and made a robbery.  The ship was destroyed, but the pirate was arrested by the Maloq military for conducting trading activities.  Upon return to the pirate base, he mortgages a data disk in exchange for a new ship, and was never heard of again.

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