TODO: Information needed regarding Star Systems (sun, planets, bases), Sun damage, travel between systems, Sectors, how to travel to new sectors, meaning of the colors in a system's name, Black Hole icon. Pictures if possible. Maybe try to use the InfoBox templates.

GRAPHICS TODO: Screen Cap of Galaxy Map with mapped systems and unmapped systems. Smaller Graphic of a portion of the Galaxy map that clearly shows: System Names, Colors of System Names, Cursor Hover Pop-up Window.

The galaxy is divided up into named sectors. (graphic: Galaxy Map)

Each sector consists of several star systems made of a single, centrally located sun and several planets in orbit. Flying too close to a sun will cause hull damage so be careful when navigating near the center of a star system. But take note, the sun will damage any ship that comes too close. Right clicking on the sun will bring up a window listing all planets and bases in a system. (graphic: Sun; graphic: Planet list window)

Ships cannot be damaged by being in the orbital path of a planet. Using ship's radar a pilot can tell the direction that a planet orbits a star by looking at the radar mini-map in the upper right corner of the HUD. On the mini-map planets will be followed by a curved line that fades. Taking note of which direction a planet moves in orbit can reduce flight time if a pilot manually plots a course to where a planet will be instead of relying on the autopilot to catch up to a planet. (graphic: Planet, graphic: radar mini-map) (link: Planet page)

Bases are stationary structures may be built in a system that serve various functions. They have a hull, a meager selection of armaments, can take damage and be destroyed by ship's weapons and asteroid impacts. (graphic: Planet list window, circle listed Bases) (link: Bases page)

Asteroids periodically pass through a star system. An impact with one can cause significant hull damage. Destroyed asteroids typically release some amount of minerals that can be picked up with a cargo hook equipped ship and sold at planet or base trade centers. Firing at an asteroid with an industrial laser will yield the maximum units of minerals to be released. (graphic: Asteroids)

Black holes are the last of the sights to see in a star system. An entrance may randomly appear, sometimes mentioned in the information center's (need a page and a link to Information Center) broadcasts. Functioning more like a worm hole than a black hole, entering one will immediately start arcade mode. There will always be pirates. When defeated, artifacts are more likely to be dropped than in a regular hyperspace clot. Exiting a black hole will take you to another star system. (graphic: Black hole)

(So far I have yet to have a black hole exit into a sector that I had not already had mapped. ---Ellwoodblues)

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