The Ski resort is a text quest.


The ski resort is a mini economic game. Starting with 1 hotel, 1 restaurant, 1 beginner track, 1 chair ski lift and a budget of 100,000 cr, with 20 beginners already visiting, you need to get at least 1,000,000 cr in capital.

You need to construct buildings as required:

  • 1 Hotel costs 110,000 and accommodates 60 visitors
  • 1 Restaurant costs 80,000 and accommodates 45 visitors.
  • 1 Beginner costs 30,000 cr to build and 10,000 cr per day to maintain, and accommodates 20 beginners.
  • 1 Average track costs 45,000 cr to build, 15,000 cr per day to maintain, and accommodates 10 beginners and 10 pros.
  • 1 Pro track will cost 60,000 cr to build, 20,000 cr per day to maintain, and accommodates 20 pros.
  • 1 Chair ski-lift costs 80,000 cr and accommodates 30 skiers.
  • 1 Cabin ski-lift costs 110,000 cr and accommodates 50 skiers.

You also need to manage your popularity.

  • It starts at 50%.
  • It decreases by 5%-10% every day for no good reason.
  • Every 10,000 cr of advertising increases it from 2%-5%. A maximum of 50,000 cr of advertising may be done per day.
  • Every skier turned away (because an accommodation wasn't high enough) reduces popularity. Beginners take away 1%, and pros take away 2%.

You receive income from visitors.

  • Each beginner provides 2000 cr per day
  • Each pro provides 6,000 per day.


As the first objective, you will need to raise 1,000,000 cr in 20 days, with a starting budget of 100,000 cr.

In the early stages, focus on increasing your capacity - first with an average track, and expanding as necessary. You may become less popular in the early phase, but you'll keep your

When growth slows down in the early stage, increase advertising - this will boost growth as the advertising encourages visitors and newcomers. This gives you an influx of cash that you may use to help continue the growth.

Cut advertizing to 20,000 cr once it becomes high. As you grow, the cash flow should increase to the required level.

Once you complete the contract, you're offered an optional objective to increase the capital to 10,000,000 cr with no time limit. Doing so gives you a reward of 10,000 cr.