Robots is a text quest in space Rangers 2.  It is a "tactical fighting" game, which is a simple turn-based combat with the space ranger fighting against three opponents.


Each fight lasts for 1 day, although you arrive late in the day and have to do the first match tomorrow.

Your robot is has three weapons: Blaster, rockets, and torpedo. Likewise, you have a defense against these three weapons: Power shield, anti-rocket maneuver, and noise generator.

The blaster does moderate damage.

The rockets tend to be slightly inaccurate, but are launched in a volley of three. Usually 2 or 3 hit, unless the opponent dodges them.

The torpedo does heavy damage, and might still do damage on a near-miss.

Each night, you can upgrade your robot (either have blaster do extra damage, have your rockets be more accurate, and improve the miss-effect of the torpedo). Before the match, you have 2 attacks of each type, and may pick an additional 4 shots of your choice. Combat occurs with you or your opponent launching an attack, the other competitor using a defense, and alternating attacks until you win.


There's three competitors. You can get information about them in the bar - the Maloq and Peleng giving hints for a total of 100 cr each, and the fan club requiring you to guess which member they prefer.  The fans will not give the same hint as the Maloq and Peleng, and will talk with disgust about the other two competitors.

  • John "God" O'Damned tends to use blaster and power shield more frequently. His blaster is stronger than normal.
  • Zen Cha-Cha prefers using torpedoes, and sometimes they ignore the noise generator. However, he has trouble with the protection field.
  • Steel Silvester has upgraded rockets that are more accurate. In addition, his anti-rocket maneuver may still sometimes dodge torpedoes.

Extended playEdit

If you complete the tournament, you may participate in the backyard tournament.

  • Reward for defeating the first enemy is 250cr. This doubles for each enemy defeated (500cr, 1000cr, etc.)
  • You can back out before the next fight.
  • You can back out during the fight, but the payout on the previous opponent is halved.
  • Robots start with the best equipment, and 5 shots of each weapon.
  • Successive enemies become harder to defeat.


  • Bug: If the opponent dodges your rockets, the text may incorrectly state that an incoming torpedo caused some damage despite missing.

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