Rachekhan is a pirate introduced in Space Rangers 1.  The first mention of him appears in an event, where a random civilian transport contacts the player and reads off the following speech:

Listen, Ranger <Name>! Citizens of the Galaxy! I know where Machpella has come from! It was Rachekhan who brought her here! After we were defeated in that battle, anyone in his place would have been lying low. He had certainly grabbed enough booty by that time. But snothing was enough for Rachekhan! He then was reading through those Gaalian archives and found out about the first war with the Klissans. Most of it was technical information, not much on the war itself. He didn't read how it all ended, the only thing he understood was that somehow the Gaalians managed to win, and decided that he was able to do it too! He thought that his plan was foolproof - he would either defeat Machpella and get her super weapon, or at least, show her the way to our space, and then the military forces will be too occupied to continue chasing us...
We went to the other sprial arm and looked there for Machpella. And after some years we found her and that was a really narrow escape! Already in our arm we jumped to hyperspace and back several times, only that saved our lives. But the Klissans have come to our realm, and now everybody can die! And Rachekhan says: "What's done is done, let's try to make money on it!" I want to tell everybody about his plans, let everybody know who started this war!

When you reach Wingman rank for the military, the military commander provides the following:

And, wait a minute <name>. You have certainly met and repeatedly fought bloodthirsty pirates under the command of Ratchekhan. But what you don't know is that we habe built his AMC-42 Base, and we have its working frequencies! Now we hand to you, our top-secret gadget, a hyperspatial visor of the third generation. With its help you will know exactly how many pirate ships are lurking in hyperspatial clots, and you will also be able to locate their main base.
The chip has to be installed right into the cerebral cortex, this can't be helped so don't make a fuss. We believe in you and hope that pirate threat will soon be over.


  • The promotion to Wingman rank uses an alternate spelling, Ratchekhan.