A planetary battle is one of the mission types available in Space Rangers 2.  It is a real-time strategy minigame, where the player builds and commands robots to attack enemy dominators in a region of land. 



There are four resources, each generated at a fixed rate by the base and various structures.

  • Titan
  • Micromodules
  • Battery Energy
  • Plasma

The dedicated resource structures have an icon on the top showing which resource is produced by a given factory.


Robots are composed of a hull, chasses, and optional weapons and modules.

  • Monostack: 1 weapon slot
  • Birex: 1 weapon slot and 1 additional weapon
  • Diploid: 2 weapon slots
  • Paragon: 2 weapon slots and 1 additional weapon
  • Trident: 3 weapon slots
  • Fullstack: 4 weapon slots and 1 additional weapon
  • Pneumatics
  • Wheels
  • Tracks
  • Ecroplane
  • Antigravs
  • Blocker: +30 HP
  • Dynamo: Reduce weapon heat by 20%, firing rate by 20%, and speed by 20%
  • Locator: Increase weapon range by 20%, and radar by 50%
  • Firewall: Reduce enemy hits by 50%, negates stunner, and -30% damage reduction from bomb.
  • Machinegun
  • Cannon
  • Launcher
  • Spitfire: Causes ongoing damage
  • Laser
  • Plasmagun
  • Stunner
  • Repairer
Additional weapons
  • Mortar
  • Bomb


  • They tend to be common after liberating a system from dominator influence. 

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