Fill this out with -Black Holes, Planets (combine inhabited and uninhabited), Bases (Science, Military, Ranger, Pirate), Systems, and Sectors(probably will include in Star System page)

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2)What do they look like (images if possible).

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Sites to see while cruising the Galaxy Edit

The galaxy is a large place. Large enough that a new ranger has only visited a small portion of what there is to see before volunteering to the Ranger's cause. Here are some of the sites a Ranger will see while exploring the vastness of space, delivering food and medicines to a planet suffering a plague, fighting viscous space pirates, all the while fulfilling a Ranger's duty to fight back the Klissan invasion for the inhabitants of the Commonwealth.

Star Systems Edit

A star surrounded by orbiting planets, stationary bases, various asteroids passing through and the occasional black hole is known as a star system. Within these systems you will meet other pilots going about the business of traders, pirates, and the military forces that defend a system against pirate and Klissan aggression. Traveling between star systems requires a functional engine, enough fuel to make it to your destination, and a destination within the parsec range of your engine.

Planets Edit

TODO: Description of both kinds of planets, inhabited and uninhabited. Use the Planets subheading as a link to a Planets page for more specifics. What can be done on planets, planetary reactions to your behavior, things that happen when the Kliss have invaded.

Bases Edit

TODO: Breif descriptions of the four types of Bases (Science, Military, Ranger, Pirate). Bases subheading should link to a page for more in depth details of each. Possibly having the four bases ending up on their own pages.

Black holes Edit

TODO: General description of black holes. Use the Black holes subheading as a link to a page for specifics regarding Black holes, arcade mode, random warp points, etc.

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