Pilot is a text quest in Space Rangers 2. It is provided by the Peleng, and requires visiting a Fayean planet to obtain a Z-45/6a certificate to pilot heavy load ships (i.e. cargo transports). 


This quest requires passing an exam, and there are two parts - a theory and a practical.  The theory requires getting two of the three questions right, and the practice is shooting down asteroids. 

To collect a hint about the examiners, try looking around.  The maloq guard will challenge you, and challenging him back has him give the hints. 

Regardless, pick a room:

  • Room 1 has the Gaalian who has intimite problems, and substitutes a dating game.
  • Room 2 is run by a Faeyan Theorist. If you pass all three questions, you get to skip the practical portion.
  • Room 3 is run by a human, and he may be bribed for correct answers.


The theroy has three questions, randomly selected. There's three question types, with parameters that change each time you take the test.

  • There'a question to determine the best cabin - each door has four answers each, and each set of answers has one correct answer. In general, you can crack this logic problem by trying to answer the first cabin.
  • There's a question to determine the best protection field. Basically, find the cheapest and lightest engine/tank combination.
  • There's a question to minimize transport cost.

To complete this section, get two answers correct. If you picked room 2, you have the option of taking the third question to skip practice.


If you chose room 1, you substitute a dating game.

  • When you reach the room with three females, pick the Maloq (#3.
  • Claim to be a military journalist. Mentioning that you kill dominators is also a good choice.
  • Head to the canteen, pick the 150cr option to enter.
  • When selecting items from the menu, pick the highest calorie options (Lorelai, Baked tailpullers, and Gablingkot).
  • Eat and burp.
  • You can shrill her name, or poke her in the side.

If you got sufficient dispoisiton with Bugbubba, she gives you a piece of paper, which you can give to the Gaalean. He will pass the threory potion.


This is a minigame where you have to fend off asteroids. On each turn, you can move the turret up or down, or fire.

The complication is that some asteroids move rather fast. If you have trouble with this section, you can attempt room #2 to skip the practice.

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