Sr1 photon gun

The Photon gun is a weapon in Space Rangers.

Tier Damage Range Weight Cost
Cyan (1) 5-15 234 14-29 320-400
Purple (3) 6-17 247 28 360

The photon gun is a weapon available early on in Space Rangers. It will often be found in the starting equipment for new rangers, will almost always be an item dropped when a ship in regular space is destroyed, and is commonly available throughout the galaxy. They typically are light weight, short range, and cheap. Adequate in the early years but should be replaced with longer ranged weapons when possible.

The selling price per unit of weight for these are low. Selling trade commodities, mining asteroids, or picking up minerals in hyper spacial clots will make more credits.

Arcade Mode Effects in Space Rangers 1: In a hyper space battle the Photon Gun has a short range rapid fire projectile. The firing arc is about 10 to 15 degrees directly in front of your ship but the projectile stream will bend towards the closest enemy. The recharge time for a fully depleted Photon Gun is relatively quick.

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