Missions are the easiest way to get experience in the Rangers games. The missions have many types of variations, and they are usually available after a pretty short period of time.

Types of MissionsEdit

Different races usually have different types of missions, like since the Maloqs are a war-loving race, they will usually have elimination missions, and rarely delivery missions.

Delivery Missions- Delivery missions are likely the most variable missions, you can deliver things like books to red buttons, and unevolved creatures to oil.

Elimination Missions- Elimination missions are when the leader of a planet orders the player to go and kill a random character within a certain amount of time. If the player succeeds, the player is rewarded the dead captain's cargo, along with some money.

Planetary Missions- Some missions are different from the rest, and the player has to do something that isn't necessarily involving the government. Things like meeting a prince, racing, and hunting for drugs have to be done in the same style as being in jail, pick a choice, watch the result.

Planetary Battle Missions- Sometimes, the player will be asked to go into a planetary battle for many reasons. With the Faeyans, the player will be asked to repel the Dominators from a giant fossil.


When a mission is finished, the player will be rewarded with either credits or a reward. Things like the Galobutton and the Gold Star of Hero can be rewarded to the player upon completion of a mission.


If a mission is failed, however, the player gets nothing for their effort, and for an extra kick in the head, the planet who asked you to run the errand may lose confidence in you. If the mission wasn't very important, no change in relationship will take place. If the mission was important, the relationship with the planet will change to Bad. If the mission was of critical importance, the planet will not welcome you and their battleships will hunt you down whenever you fly into their system.

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