The Mental Communicator is special equipment that allows you to interpret signals of Klissians. It is available from any science base, after providing sufficient research materials, usually appearing after 10-20 years.

It can be purchased for about 11770 cr.

Device manualEdit

The communicator is an intermediary between your senses and the brain. With the help of the pi-wave receptor it picks up Klissan signals out of the air and translates them into intelligible mental images and feelings by transforming information that you perceive with your senses into patterned electrical impulses which are then delivered straight to your cerebral cortex.

The main limitation of the device is that you'll be unable to communicate with lower-ranking Klissans since they will only listen to signals from their mother ship Machpella. But if you manage to locate Machpella and come into contact with her, so your best to learn the reason why Klissans have invaded our Galaxy. Possibly, we can then start diplomatic negotiations and finally put an end to this terrible war.

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