Medical Station Exterior

A medical center

Medical Station Interior

A medical center's interior with the Gaalian doctor

Medical centers are space stations that offer medical assistance to the player. Onbard the player can:
  • Go through a medical examination. The examination itself is free, howver if a disease or virus is detected the doctor will offer treatment. Different conditions have different treatment prices. The player has the option of refusing treatment due to financial constraints or simply not wishing to recieve it.
    • Medical centers may also propose a special urinotherapy cure for rangers, claimed to guarantee treatment to cure almost all known diseases.
  • Take Stimulants. The stimulants offered  will vary between stations as well as the cost.
  • Sponsor the center's development.

It should be noted that the cost of disease treatment and all stimulats will be halved if the player has medical insurance. Medical insurance can be obtained from a Buisness center.

List of DiseasesEdit

  • Complex Immunicide, which weakens the immune system of the ranger, increasing the chance of becoming infected by another disease (especially if in contact with other races.)


  • The doctor the player interacts with at medical centers will always be a Gaalian. This is most likely due to the Gaalians being the most sophisticated of the five Coalition species.
  • The doctor frequently makes references to paragraphs and sections from the medical code.

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