Jumper is a text quest in Space Rangers 2. It concerns testing of a prototype jumping device, and is run by Professor Heb.

The text quest consists of two parts - going through the labyrinth, and an addition puzzle.


The labyrinth, or testing area, is a rented pavillion, with a series of platforms:

  • The starting point
  • Yellow row, 4 platforms
  • Red row, 4 playform
  • Violet row, 5 platforms plus one battery charger (in Violet-3)
  • Blue row, 4 platforms
  • Green row, 3 platforms
  • Final point

You are provided with the jetpack, with two batteries of 20 ergo each. You can exchange batteries at even-numbered platforms. Jumping has some energy cost:

  • 2 meters: 4 ergo
  • 3-4 meters: 5 ergo
  • 5 meters: 7 ergo
  • 6-7 meters: 8 ergo
  • 8 meters: 10 ergo
  • 9-12 meters: 15 ergo

There are a few special items:

  • You can replace the battery with the spare on every even-numbered platform
  • The middle of the Violet row charges the active battery with 12 ergo
  • The first platform of some row can transport you to the next row for just 1 ergo
  • You have a portable teleporter to return you to the starting point (only works once) from the blue and green rows.

THe layout may change from session to session, but one possible method is:

  • yellow-3
  • Red-4
  • Violet-4
  • replace
  • Violet-3
  • Blue-3
  • Green-3
  • Finish

Additional challengeEdit

There are two platforms, but they serve only as a means to separate the two groups of spheres, as opposed to requiring distance between them.

Jump costs are as follows:

  • 2 meters: 4 ergo
  • 5 meters: 7 ergo
  • 8 meters: 10 ergo

When you switch batteries for the first time, you will automatically transfer 7 ergo. You therefore want to have at least 11 in your first battery.


  • Second platform, sphere 2
  • Second platform, sphere 3
  • Second platform, sphere 4
  • Replace battery
  • First platform, sphere 1
  • First platfrom, sphere 3
  • Second platform, sphere 1
  • Replace battery
  • Collect all remaining spheres.

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