Jail Guards are very annoying people that appear in every jail, usually beating the player or disliking them for some reason. They are unlike inmates, as they cannot be overpowered with a high Strength rate. You may find that guards are probably the cause of your aggravation of being in jail more often than not.

Interactions with PlayerEdit

  • A drunken guard may stumble over to you and ask for some money to buy more booze. If you give him the money, your reputation with the guards will rise, but the same cannot be said for denying his request.
  • Two guards may be seen beating an inmate. This has three endings: Helping a friend- You step in and try to get the guards off the inmate, and depending on your Strength rate, you end up with a 'thank you' from the victim, or you get involved in the beating, your reputation with your fellow inmates increases either way. A Coward's Resort- You can simply let the guards "do their job" and walk away. Since there is no measurement for sneaking, this is mostly luck. The inmate may be too distracted by being beat, or may spot you walking away. If the latter occurs, your reputation with the inmates drops. The Pen is Mightier- You will step in... and recite the rights of the inmates. This is a very useless option, and you are dragged into the fray.
  • If you decide to write an amnesty petition, the guards will ignore it and say it was useful anyway... As toilet paper.
  • You could throw a party in the cafeteria for 500 credits, and everyone will have a great time... But the guards won't like it anyway and the option will no longer be available.
  • If you use your tape recorder in the Humans' Amateur Night and select "Gangsta Rap", everyone, including guards will dance to the music. This is a great relationship booster and can be used as many times as desired.

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