Sr1 infernal wave

Infernal wave is a weapon in Space Rangers that primarily damages internal equipment of its target.

Tier Damage Range Weight Value Race
None xx xx xx xx Kliss
None xx xx xx xx Kliss
None xx xx xx xx Kliss

Available only rarely when destroying a Klissian ship.

A unique weapon, as it is one of the few that has an area of effect like the aeonic blaster. The infernal wave will damage ships, within the range roughly equal to the range of a grappling beam, centered on the blaster's target.

Arcade Mode Effects: TODO


  1. Does the damage affect Asteriods?
  2. Does the damage affect friendly ships that are not under your command?
  3. Does the damage affect friendly ships?
  4. Does the damage affect cargo floating in space not directly targeted by the Aeonic blaster?
  5. Check on the range of the area of damage effect.

Arcade Mode Effects: TODO

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