Sr1 industrial laser

The Industrial laser is a weapon in Space Rangers.

Tier Damage Range Weight Cost
Cyan (1) 10-15 270 46 470
Blue (2) 11-16 285 56 500
Purple (3) 12-17 285 22-27 470-870
Red (4) 12-18 300 54 630
Yellow (5) 14-21 300 51 815
Green (6)
White (7) 19-28 315 22 1630

Heavy and pricey for a starting piece of equipment with low to average range this weapon does not look like much. However, for those Rangers who like hard work this laser is for you. Firing an industrial laser at an asteroid will result in the highest amount of minerals to harvest. If it turns out that a chunk of minerals are too much for your cargo hook, fire up the industrial laser and break it into smaller chunks that your cargo hook can handle.

Arcade Mode Effects in Space Rangers 1: Industrial lasers in arcade mode leave blue globes that last a few seconds. Any ship running into this globe of charged energy will take damage.

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