Sr1 graviton beamer

The Graviton beamer is a weapon in Space Rangers.

Tier Damage Range Weight Cost
Cyan (1) 8-24 315 27 1910
Blue (2) 9-26 332 76 1100 (Terran)
Purple (3) 9-28 332 88 1170 (Terran)

The first long range weapon that is available. Often starting out at a high weight limit when first seen, the range they allow can often make up for the extra hull space they require.

Arcade Mode Effects in Space Rangers 1: In arcade mode the graviton beamer will fire a single large disk that will split into three smaller parts if not making contact with a ship half way through its range. These three smaller pieces will then move towards the closest ship within range and adjust their aim. However, these three smaller projectiles will not home in on their target.

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