The Gaalians (the children of Gaal) - are humanoids who have spent millenia modifying their original form, through genetic alteration of fetuses.  The initial actual form of the Gaalian race has thus been lost and forgotten.

The Gaalians are the most well-developed race.  The history of their people dates back to ancient times, when the Gaalians were the only intelligent beings of all the races of the Commonwealth.  The Gaalians are the tycoons and the driving force of space, cultivating constructavism and humanism in all senses of the words. They use the military fleet only to neutralize those conflicts that are forming and to maintain stability in the Commonwealth.

The Gaalians treat everyone equally well with no exceptions.  It is their belief that no matter how badly another race behaves potentially they still carry the positive tendencies and qualities, and have a minimum of three basic rights - the right to live, the right to determine virtues, and the right to motivation.  As a result the Gaalians treat everyone as friends and partners, even when strictly speaking the latter are not such.

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