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Fuel tanks are necessary to store fuel. The more fuel is stored in fuel tanks, the more distant hyperjumps the ship can perform without refueling. When the ship runs out of fuel it can only travel within the current star system.

If the fuel tank is damaged to 0% condition, it will gradually leak.

Space RangersEdit

Item Name Fuel Capacity Weight
Static 20-25 20-20
Accumulating 30-36 xx-xx
Vortex 42-49 39-39
Correlative 45-57 36-36
Synchrophasal xx-xx xx-xx
Archivatory xx-xx xx-xx
Aquadotted xx-xx xx-xx
Hyperliquid xx-xx xx-xx

Space Rangers 2Edit

In Space Rangers 2, a new item, the Cistern is introduced to allow even more fuel to be carried. It is dropped from Dominator ships, usually as a means to allow escaping from one of those systems.

Name Capacity Price Weight
Hyperliquid fuel tank 20-50 20-79 250-690
Condenser fuel tank 50-52 70-74 3150-3700

Usually, heavier tanks likewise have an increased capacity. This also means that smaller tanks don't cost more than larger ones.

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