The Faeyans are purple, humanoid creatures that are classified as very smart. The Faeyans have large, black eyes and four nostrils in the middle of their face.

Starting ShipsEdit

Fighter- Excellent ship in great condition, and you have warm relations on all planets. Your bank account is tiny, though.

Mercenary- Small, manuverable ship with missle weaponry. Bad relations with Maloqs and Pelengs. Again, little money in your bank account.

Merchant- A ship in terrible condition, not in shape for effective fighting, very slow. Good relations with everyone except Maloqs.

Corsair- A great bounty hunter ship, with nothing but the things already on the ship.

Pirate- Has almost nothing but a huge load of drugs in storage, and has bad relations with everyone, even other Faeyans, only accepted on Peleng planets.

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