An infuriating game (Quest related) that needs a walkthrough!

There are five types of colors. A number of each type can be from 0 to 3.

The one who is to finish Eeke-Baana, should be the last to make one's move.

The best way is to create this situation, is to mimic every move of your opponent. That is, there should be even numbers of equally unfinished (with less than 3 flowers) types each time your opponent has to move. If you can't create such situation, give up the first move, you'll be able to stalk your opponent after his move.

Some illustrations:

Start: 20011

Ranger chooses to go first: fill first type (add 1). Result: 30011 (2 zeroes and 2 ones)

Opponent: 3 to the second type Result: 33011

You: 3 to the third type Result: 33311 (2 ones)

He: 2 to the fifth

You: 2 to the fourth and win

Start: 01112

Ranger should give his first-move right to opponent.

He: 2 to the second type Result: 03112

You: 2 to the first type Result: 23112

(2 twoes, 2 ones)

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