Desert Dizodane - map

Desert Dizodane is a planetary battle in Space Rangers 2.


Ranger (name), we need your help.
After out system was liberated from the Dominators, murderous machines still appear on some of our planets. The Galactic Council promised to send in troops in three months time, but we cannot wait that long. Our people are in danger.
We know that it is not the rangers duty to combat the Dominators on planets, but we ask you to help us liquidate these robots. The cleansing operation is top-secret, in order to prevent panic on planet (planet name), so we will give you the details if you take on this mission.
Here's a brief lowdown:
You are participating in the operation code-named "Desert Dizodane". The Dominators are interested in this particular area of our planet, because of its huge dizodane fields. Have you heard anything about it? This information is secret.
The robots want to extract it. We have no idea why, but the fact that the Blazeroids, Kelleroids, and Terronoids are fighting fiercly on one part of our land really concerns us. What happens after one of the sides finally wins? We don't know, but it must be us who shall prevail!
So, by pure luck we have managed to capture a base there and even build a small detachment of robots. These robots are not intelligent, but they have control units, including manual control. With these resources at hand, you must capture all of the enemy's factories.


The three dominator groups are on the island - blue in the north-west, red in the north east, and green in the south-east. Of the groups, red and blue are slightly expanded and in conflict, with green starting a fresh base. You are deployed in the south-west, with a set of robots.


Your first target should be the green opponent in the south east, as he will lilely expand towards your base, and also risks being captured by one of the other dominators.

Once you claim the south-east factory, perform your attacks on the stronger opponent when he's currently occupied in an attack.


  • Although the operation is Top Secret (to prevent panic), an orbital sattelite picked up the action, and broadcast it.
  • The reward text states that that the 20 most outstanding rangers also receives an equal amount (with the claim that the ranger center things you'd be too far ahead with the amount of money they give out.)

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