Bugs is a planetary battle, only available on Faeyan planets.
Space Rangers 2 - Bugs

PLanetarey battle map

Many yeas ago, before the first Faeyan colonists arrived at the planet, said planet was inhabited by huge bugs - these arthopodas were sometimes the size of a small town.  The bugs have since dies eons ago, but the dominators are interested in the creatures and dropped a landing party.

The Kelleroids studied the fossil, landing into the remains of one of these insects and built a research base.  They would have remained undetected if it weren't for the Blazeroid landing party which also decided to join. 


One of the resources tends to be a little short on this map, thus you may find it easier to produce bots that minimize use of said resource.

After the first Kelleroid attack wave getsare wiped yout by your initial defenses, create two teams and send them towards the unclaimed structeus at the endge of the map.  With the neutral buildings captured, build an attack force to puch from your base to the Kelleroid. Claim the south-east resource first, then push to the robot factory in the center. 

The Blazeroids can be contained by continuing the attack.  As there is a resource shortage, they will have trouble keeping up with units.

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