Barabum is a Maloq logic game, based on a military legend.


Many thousands of years ago, there was a great battle between feuding Maloq clans.  The "Red Axes" clan suffered defeat, when one of the warriors, Drakar Gromiko, decided to sneak into the enemy camp under the cover of night.  He met three Penchkryaks on the way, but he outsmarted them and snuck into the enemy camp to kill all the sleeping warriors of the "Blue Axes" with ease.

Meanwhile, humans recognize it as a variant of a hare game.


+ +

The first player has one piece that can move up, down, left or right, and is able to move diagonally only in the upper-most cell.  This player must get past all enemy pieces.

The second player has three pieces that can move up, left or right, but cannot move backward.  The second player needs to trap the first player, preventing any legal move.

In this game, the opponent moves first.


Get to the top, and move diagonally.  This alters the "parity" of your position, allowing you to slip past the opponent.


  • It appears with the name Logic in the list of text quests.

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