Map of Antenna.

Antenna is a planetary battle, in Big Crater Island. The island is unique in that it's shape resembles a dish aerial, but also in the increased content of metallic chrysolite in the soil.

In this region, the Terronoids have attempted to make a huge hyperspace radar from it, and two other groups of hostile robots are also attacking.


You start in the west edge of the map, and you will need to quickly capture the nearby factory. While capuring, you will want to have the rest of your forces to capture the resource buildings to the left - which the Terronoids will likely start building turrets.

When the dust settles elsewhere on the map, there should be one factory controlled by each opposing faction. However, there's a chance that one may have grabbed as second factory as well.

You start with plenty of resources. This gives you room to build whatever you want, but you may start to run out if you keep building the most expensive of units.

Your factory should be protected - it has no turrets, and is likely to be under pressure from an attack from two fronts.

This mission is best handled by waiting for an opening - the enemies will most likely build to their maximum, and once they send an attack force, they're likely clustered in one large group. When they do so, you can send a fast unit to one or more of their factories to try cutting down on their unit cap.


  • The debrief mentions "Asia Minus". It is a reference to ASIA Plus, 107.0 FM, Dushaanbe, Tajikistan.

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